N00bs Challenge

Goal 1 — Claim a plot in your school’s area

  • Choose a plot right next to an existing N00bs house
  • Type: /plotme claim
  • Start building!


Goal 2 — Build a House with the following specifications:

  • Your house MUST have a footprint (the total number of blocks your house covers on the ground) that is EXACTLY 63 meters2 (One block in Minecraft is 1 meter2, so the total number of blocks for the base of your house is 63 blocks!).
  • The house must be made from at least 4 different types of blocks.
  • It must have at least one door that must be operated by a button, pressure plate, or lever. 
  • The house must be 1 story, and MUST have the rooms with the sizes listed below.
  • Your house can be a maximum of 10 blocks high.


Goal 3 — Make your house livable and aesthetically pleasing:

  • The ground floor of the house must be divided into two rooms: a bedroom that is 10 meters2, and a living room that is 20 meters2.
  • The bedroom must contain a bed and chest.
  • The Living room must contain at least 2 pieces of furniture, a piece of artwork, and a plant… and every proper Minecraft house needs a crafting table and furnace.
  • You will need to add a form of lighting to each room.


Goal 4 — Dress up the exterior:

  • The house must have an enclosed, fenced-in, front yard that uses no more than 16 pieces of fencing, and one gate, with NO OTHER MATERIALS. The fenced-in yard needs to be decorated with plants.
  • Build a vegetable garden with at least 3 types of crops in the back or side yard, which you must fence in. (In order for crops to grow, the crops must be within 4 blocks of water)
  • Put a sign in front with your Minecraft username so everyone knows whose house it is.


Goal 5 — Add a lighting system:


  • Build a lighting system using redstone that lights up the front yard when a lever is pulled.

Author CMiko12
Subjects design math
Date February 24, 2017
Recommended Grade Level 2nd to 12+
Estimated Duration (minutes) 90


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