Discover how Craft-Academy can change the way your classroom will learn

Pick a Classroom Style

Single Player

The quickest and easiest way to use Minecraft in your classroom. Students store the game and their projects on a portable drive, making each student have their own "single player" world. This means that there is nothing to install on school computers, no issues with network access, bandwidth, or online play.


Provides the most interactive experience, allowing for group projects and "public" display of work. This requires setting up a private server or purchasing access to the Advanced Learning Project's EduCrafting servers, designed specifically to facilitate Craft-Academy users and classrooms.

Choose a Challenge Type

Show What You Know (SWYK)

The goal of this type of project is to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the concepts you would like to study or research. This will be done by building one or more models in Minecraft and creating a presentation to accompany it. A project in Minecraft needs to have an accompyaning presentation in order to demonstrate a deep understanding of the material, and will be a large portion of the project since there is only so much information that can be obtained from seeing a model. A SWYK Project can be on ANY topic.

  • Giza Plateau

    An entire classroom was tasked to create a scale model of the Giza plateau

  • Greek Temple

    Students took on the challenge of modeling different column types in classical Greek architecture

  • Plant Cell

    The biology teach assigned each student to build and label a model of a plant cell

Craft Challenges

Students complete challenges with a specific set of criteria or directions. These projects have a definite end point and are designed for students who desire to work toward a single completion goal. The goal of craft challenges is to let students reach answers to a particular question by experimenting inside the game of Minecraft.

  • Art

    A classroom had a competition to see who could build the best art from a famous video game title

  • Electrical Engineering

    Young potential engineers learned the fundamentals of logic gates and binary computing by building working 7-segment displays

  • Data Modeling

    Students had to plot data points on a provided axis to demonstrate their ability to create an accurate histogram