Our Mission: Create a global community of students and educators who use Minecraft for learning, brought together by Craft-Academy World Database, where they can learn from one another, sharing ideas, projects, and curriculum, in a supportive environment.



The educator assigns a topic and the students choose sub-topics to investigate. Using project templates, students research their areas of interest.



Students will then build models in Minecraft that represent a major aspect of their research. They will also create support material(s) to demonstrate their depth-of-knowledge on the subject.



Once the necessary project completion criteria is met, students will upload and publish their projects to their Craft-Academy World Database portfolios to share with the world.


The Craft-Academy project began in Hawthorne, CA in 2012 as a collaborative project co-founded by teacher Chris Miko and (then) independent-study student Travis Grady. Our mutual love of video games and learning, and the flexibility of the Minecraft platform, allowed us to create a dream project at a rather quick pace, that evolved far faster and in ways we didn't expect over the last 3 years. All of it was highly influenced by what the students wanted to see and have in their Minecraft learning experience.

Craft-Academy is a student-centered, project-based approach to educating with Minecraft.

  • Project-Based approach means teachers don't have to make any curriculum - it fits in with what you are already doing
  • All projects are done using pre-made templates
  • Minimal amount of technical and/or Minecraft knowledge required to facilitate, so it's a short learning curve to get started
  • Multiple tech options including those which don't require a server or installing any software on school computers
  • All work is published to the Craft-Academy World Database to share with the world
  • In time, we will build a enormous, interactive, virtual library of student-made projects that any user can download, experience, and learn from
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